1942, July
102nd Battalion of SS Auxiliary police formed in occupied Kremyanets.
115th/118th Battalions of SS Auxiliary police formed in occupied Kiev.

1942, October
Training finished, guard duties assigned in Ukraine and Belarus under ORPO command.

1944, January 
Both units redesigned as Schuma, part of Brigade Seigling.

44, February 2nd
Both units withdrawn to Iława (Eylau) for further 6-month training.

1944, August 1st 
Brigade Seigling is a part of 30th SS.

1944, August 15th
Both units arrive in Alsace.

1944, August 18th
Both units arrive in Strasbourg, to provide antipartisan duties for 19th Army under General F.Weise.

Le Bataillon Ukraninien dans le Haute-Saône
[Bohun Bataillon]

1944, August 20th 
102nd Battalion reaches Vesoul. Operational area is SW of Vesoul, a plateau between Noidans-Lès-Vesoul and Éschenoz-la-Méline. Commander I.Hloba. Primary objective – eliminate 200-man FFI unit operating in Bois de Confracourt, 12mi W of Vesoul.

1944, August 24th
102nd is ordered to Dijon, but returned to Fresne-St.-Memés SW of Vesoul for weeks rest.

1944, August 26th
On Hloba’s orders, Wozniak leaves 102nd in Vellexon and proceeds to Vesoul to meet with Simon Doillon to discuss options of Ukrainians' defecting on the side of the French.  

1944, August 27th 
400 miliciens are dispatched to destroy the 200-man FFI unit in Bois de Confracourt. The miliciens are deployed eastward to Bois de Confracourt and are supported by 12 Mark V Panther Ausfuhrg G tanks from the 11th Panzer Division (under Maj. Gen. W.Wietersheim). Tanks weren’t able to cross bridge at Cubry-lés-Soing, 3mi NW of Noidans- Lés-Ferroux. 

1944, August 27th
Fresne-St.-Memés. 102nd ordered back to Vesoul. The route goes through southern edge of Bois de Confracourt, west of Noidans- Lès-Ferroux. 10 am Hloba fires green flare to signal the beginning of the action. Hannenstein, 24 mounted officers and 70 NCOs killed. Ukrainians suffer 2 casualties out of 820 men.

1944, August 27th 
6pm 102nd enters Bois de Confracourt bringing 45mm guns with 500 rounds, 4 82mm mortars, 37 52mm mortars, 21 heavy machine guns, 120 light machine guns, 130 SMGs, 10 automatic pistols, 700 rifles. 1000 mortar rounds, 6000 grenades and millions of rounds of light weapon ammo, 90 horses, 210 wagons, 500 draft horses. 

1944, late hours of August 27th 
Captains Reuchet and Lesigne notify Hloba that 102nd is formally inducted in FFI as 1ère BUk, or as Ukrainians called it - Kurin’ Ivana Bohuna.

1944, August 28th 
1st BUk camped at Bois de Cherlieu on the outskirts of Melin. 

1944, late hours of August 29th 
A detachment of 1st BUk assaults and destroys German radio post at Semmadon, killing 8 Germans and suffering 2 dead and 4 wounded. 

1944, late hours of August 31st
Another detachment (im. Morozenka) of 1st BUk ambushes a German convoy consisting of 120 men. At the cost of 11 wounded, Ukrainians capture 120 heavy caliber flak guns, 100 rifles, 200 grenades, 5 SMGs and 25 pistols. 

1944, September 2nd
Two squadrons of 68th Waffen SS Kosaken occupy village of Melin. 10am three 1st BUK platoons attack village, after a brief but furious firefight 37 surviving Cossacks surrender. Ukrainians capture another haul of light and heavy weapons and free 20 French prisoners. Some of the Cossack survivors alarmed the German troops, and the BUK platoons headed north toward Noroy-lès-Jussey to avoid German patrols, and then camped a few days near Bougey.

1944, September 3rd anf 4th 
Germans subject Bois de Cherlieu to series of artillery barrages. Hloba orders 1st BUK south to Bois de Confracourt. March passes route N19 and by town La Neuvelle-lés-Scey. Batallion was forced to camp at Bois de la Régie due to hard rain.

1944, September 7th
Team Marcel-Proust parachutes into the Confracourt area. 

1944, September 7th
General Weise assembles a force of 4000 infantrymen supported by squadron of Panther tanks, artillery and SS Kosaken Cavalry at Luxeuil-lès-Bains, 40mi NE of Confracourt. 

1944, September 8th
Team Marcel-Proust reaches 1st BUks camp around noon.

1944, September 8th
The German force moves westward and commences probing attacks in the afternoon. 

1944, September 9th
Germans make two full scale assaults on 1st BUk’s positions. Ukrainians use skill learned from the Germans to thwart the attacks. The fighting was especially heavy during second attack, near Vy-lès-Rupt, but hail of antitank, mortar and heavy machine gun fire stopped Germans in their tracks. 

1944, September 11th 
143rd US Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron of the 36th I.D. captures high ground overlooking Vesoul. Germans rejoin other units evacuating toward Belfort. 

1944, September 11th 
Lattre’s First French Army links with Patton’s forces near Dijon. 

1944, September 14th 

Lattre’s forces reach Confracourt and with help of the 1st BUk liberate Combeaufontaine. 

1944, September 17th 

1st BUk placed in reserve at the Château de l’Abbye near Neuvelle-lès-la-Charité.

1944, September ???
Entire 1st BUk is enrolled into 13th Demi-Brigade of the FFL.

1944, September 26th
1st BUk marches from Château de l’Abbye to participate in capture of Belfort. 

1944, October 3rd
1st BUk participates in its last action, assaulting and securing of Hill 736 near Belfort. Following that the battalion was disbanded and dispersed as replacement throughout the 13th Demi-Brigade of the FFL under Lt. Col. B.Saint-Hillier. 

Le 2ème Bataillon Ukraninien dans le Doubs [Chevtchenko Bataillon]

1944, August 19th
Captain A. Negrebetzki and 464 men of 115th/118th Battalions arrived in Besançon. 

1944, August 20th 
118th Battalion deployed to Camp Valdahon, 20mi SW of Besançon.

1944, late hours of August 26th 
Camp Valdahon. 464 men of 115th/118th surround German barracks and level them with barrage of heavy machine gun fire. 25 officers and NCOs killed. The group disperses into three units and heads SE.

1944, August 27th 
115ths three units meet up at Grand Bois et Viard, between Adam-lès-Vercel and Ganges d’Épenoy to the east of Valdahon.

1944, August 27th 
Lt. Meleshko of the first unit of the split up 115th meets with Captain Leclerc at Bois de Pierrefontaine-les-Varans and begins the process of inducting 115th into FFI.

1944, August 28th 
Three separate units of 115th reform at Bout-de-Nods, south of Valdahon, where it was redesignated as 2nd BUk, Ukrainians called it Kurin’ Tarasa Shevchenka. 2nd BUk was armed with anti tank gun, 8 heavy machine guns, 25 SMGs, 4 mortars and huge cache of ammo. Captain Leclerc and Lt. Col. Lagarde appointed Colonel Victor Petit in command of region resistance, A.Negrebetzki was in charge of Ukrainians, with Lts. Meleshko, Polischuk and Fedorov as company commanders.

1944, August 31st
2nd BUk redeployed to FFI Camp du Valdahon NW of Besançon, on the outskirts of Bémont. 

1944, September 1st
2nd BUk ordered to support FFI group at Plaimbois-Vennes.

1944, September 3rd
The First Army of Lattre de Tassigny advances in the area between Morez and Saint-Claude. 2nd BUk ordered to support FFI groups with assault of Mouthe and securing the route Morez - Pontarlier.

1944, September 4th
2nd BUk meets 3rd Spahis reconnaissance unit of 3ème Régiment de Tirailleurs Algériens north of Nozeroy. They get valuable information that helps them maneuver more quickly and safely in the area.

1944, late hours of September 4th
Colonel Petit moves his battalion to the village of Doubs. Fedorov’s 3rd Company covers 2nd BUK’s move, assaulting and liberating Chaffois and Houtad. 

1944, September 5th
2nd BUk was divided into two units in order to participate in two different operations. One unit supported 3ème Division D'infanterie Algérienne with liberation of Pontarlier. The two companies of the second unit had a more spirited engagement at Chaux-les-Passavant. In this action Ukrainians took the on the lead elements of the retreating German motorized division. The two companies are victorious in the ensuing fight seven killed and five badly wounded.

1944, September 7th
2nd BUk meets the forward units of the 4th Regiment des Trailleurs Tunisiens with orders to assist in overtaking Dambelin the next day.

1944, September 9th
4th R.T.T. and 2nd BUk take Goux.

1944, September 10th 
2nd BUk stationed at Mauchamp farm in the Fallot forrest. The farm was bombed by Luftwaffe the following night. 

1944, September 11th 
2nd BUk participates in a battle by Les Grand Bois.

1944, September 12th 
Germans assault Mauchamp farm area, but pushed back by Fedorov’s company. 

1944, September 13th 
2nd BUk participates in a battle north of Pont-de-Roide. 

1944, September 14th 
During a burial ceremony for seven members of the 2nd BUk who had been killed in the recent battles, two Soviet officers arrived. They had convinced the French authorities there to have the Ukrainians disarmed and transported by train to Marseille. 

1944, October 5th
With time running out, the 2nd's French liaison officers gave the men the option of enlisting in the Legion—of nearly 350 men, 230 did.